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Anti-Skid Pavement At Plus Interchanges Reduces Accidents By 50 Percent

The application of Anti-Skid Pavement at several interchanges on the PLUS highways has reduced the number of accidents at the affected areas by 50 percent.

According to PLUS Chief Operating Officer, Mohammad Fuad Khusairi, “The technology, which is being used at critical areas such as slip roads at the Rawang, Bangi, Kajang, Bertam, Ayer Hitam, Yong Peng and several other interchanges, has helped to reduce accidents by 50 percent.”

According to Fuad, the Anti-Skid Pavement material increases friction between the pavement and tyre surface. Higher friction increases tyre grip and prevents vehicles from sliding at bends and corners during the rain.

Fuad was quoted at a media briefing at the Kajang Interchange, today.

“To date, PLUS has spent approximately RM5.5 million to apply the Anti-Skid Pavement initiative at various locations on the highway. Based on our study and record, we are confident that the German-based technology will continue to reduce the number of accidents at these selected locations,” Fuad added.

The Anti-Skid Pavement also consists of a layer of sealant coating which is used to ‘lock’ the anti-skid aggregate.

“Although the coating appears as if it is slippery and oily, it actually increases grip and prevents vehicles from skidding,” Fuad explained.

The Anti-Skid Pavement is also widely used in Germany, Japan, Korea, Australia, Switzerland and other countries. Apart from highways, it is also used for bridge surfaces and airport runways.

“Nevertheless, although the Anti-Skid Pavement brings positive impacts on highway safety, PLUS urges highway users to adhere to the speed limit at slip roads at all interchanges. PLUS also reminds drivers to ensure that their tyres are in good condition at all times,” ended Fuad.


Source: PLUS Malaysia Berhad

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