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ALPHA FT-IR Spectrometer, an Optimal Instrument Designed for Mobility

ALPHA is an extremely compact FT-IR spectrometer that is used to verify quality and specification of industrial polymeric products. Combined with QuickSnap™ sampling modules, ALPHA offers full FT-IR sampling flexibility for almost any kind of sample, such as solids, liquids or gases. ALPHA provides optimal instrument design for almost every sample and therefore is greatly suitable for a large variety of applications. Some important applications of ALPHA include quality control in various industries, identification of raw materials & incoming goods, inspection of irregularities and reverse engineering.


In addition, APLHA can be used to analyse the quality of organic protective coatings on steel. It monitors the degradation of organic protective coatings. Analysis failure in organic protective coatings will be detected by ALPHA and necessary prevention steps can be taken immediately before corrosion or damage happens.

ALPHA can be operated remotely via wireless communication. It is operated by either 12V or 24V car battery. There is an external rechargeable battery supply for up to 8 hours and all these batteries can be stored in a transport panel. These mobility options of ALPHA makes it an independent analyser that can be used where it is needed. It can be transported between laboratories easily and it can directly be fit into fume hood or glove box.

“We are looking forward to connect with the industry and prospective customers through our participation in Coat & Corrosion Asia 2016. We hope to introduce our company as well as our innovative products, such as ALPHA FT-IR spectrometer, to the buyers from Malaysia and other ASEAN countries,” said  Bruker (M) Sdn Bhd.

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