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H.J Unkel (M) Sdn Bhd introduces the new Q-FOG CRH Cyclic Corrosion Testers

Corrosion degrades the value of properties, infrastructure, products and materials. It causes loss of billions dollars if it is not anticipated or well-maintained, especially in Southeast Asia region which mainly tropical-hot and humid all year round with plentiful rainfall.

To address the concern on corrosion, H.J Unkel (M) Sdn Bhd has introduced the Q-FOG CRH Cyclic Corrosion Testers. Cyclic corrosion tester provides the best possible laboratory simulation of natural corrosion. Research shows that cyclic corrosion testing results are similar to outdoors in resulting structure, morphology and relative corrosion rates.


Unlike the conventional salt spray which failed to mimic the natural condition cycles of outdoor, Q-FOG cyclic corrosion tester enables specimens to expose to various environments in a repetitive cycle that mimics outdoors. This Cyclic corrosion tester is able to cycle through all the most significant corrosion environments. Even the most complex test cycles can easily be programmed with the embedded technologies and functions of the Q-FOG cyclic corrosion tester.

The Q-FOG Cyclic Corrosion Tester is made of solid, fiber-reinforced plastic. The robust, heavy-walled chamber and lid have low thermal conductivity for efficient, precise temperature control while the heat resistant plastic allows testing at higher temperature. The Q-FOG chamber has a low belt line and an easy-opening lid for easier access during sample mounting. There is a 120 liter internal solution reservoir for test running for more than 7 days. The unique internal chamber heater and cooling/dry-off blower enables testers to change temperature exceptionally fast. An additional air heater allows very low humidity dry-off exposures. Besides, it has superior fog dispersion. Its variable speed peristaltic pump controls the amount of corrosive solution delivered to the spray atomizer, while air pressure regulator controls the distance of the “throw”. The whole system is designed for easy access for calibration, inspection and routine preventive maintenance.

Q-FOG CRH cyclic corrosion testers are being recognized as the simplest and most reliable RH controlled corrosion chambers.

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