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Thermal Spray Coatings Protects Metal Structure for more than 20 Years

The oil & gas, petrochemical, power, marine and heavy industrial sectors are now looking for high performing and cost efficient methods to protect metallic structures and infrastructures from corrosion and erosion. Therefore, Thermal Spray Coatings method was introduced as this method provides 10 times better performance than the conventional method, which is the Heavy-Duty Protective Coatings. Unlike conventional coating methods, the Thermal Spray Coatings can perform more than 20 years in corrosive environment.


Since 1999, Norimax has been focusing on the provision of materials protection and corrosion control products and services to the industries, especially in oil & gas, power and marine industries. Being recognised as a skilled technology-based materials engineering specialist, Norimax offers integrated materials engineering services, including corrosion management, sacrificial anodes, failure analysis, thermal spray coatings, cathodic protection, passive fire protection, materials testing and Fluorocarbon-Coated Bolts & Nuts.

Norimax offers the best quality application of thermal spray coatings to the industries. It features Arc-Spray coating and Flame-Spray coating for the oil & gas, power and marine industries in the Southeast Asia region. Arc Spray coatings utilizes electric arc to melt aluminium wire into liquid form and released through spray gun by compressed air. It is widely used in new construction for refineries of steel facilities, petrochemical plants, oil-rigs topsides, exhaust stacks, flare booms, jacket legs, pipe caissons and etc. Whereas, Flame Spray coating uses Oxy0acetylene Gas Fire to melt aluminium wire. This method is used to repair and maintain facilities and structures in live operating fields particularly for Corrosion Under Insulation applications.

Norimax thermal spray coating team is committed to compliance with international standards such as ISO-14918 & ISO-14919, AWS C2.16, Norsok 501 and many more. Besides, the team is well-versed with company standards such as PETRONAS PTS, SHELL DEP, EXXONMOBIL MPDS 29-02-07 and more.

To find out more about Norimax & Thermal Spray Coating technologies, do not miss the chance to visit their booth at Coat & Corrosion Asia between 17-19 May 2016, at Putra World Trade Centre!

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