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Obtain Precision with Hitachi's DSC 7000X Calorimeter

To those not in the field of calorimetry, a calorimeter is a device used to measure heat from chemical or physical reactions. The DSC 7000X, produced by precision equipment specialist Hitachi, is one such device that measures heat using a differential scanning calorimetry technique.


Redefining Precision with New Sensors

The first main feature that users of the DSC 7000X will notice, is that extremely precise readings are obtainable, thanks to its new sensor designs which boasts up to 0.1 μWatts of sensitivity. To achieve this precision, multiple thermocouples are used, while heat flow is distributed evenly to the sample and reference plates. This allows for extremely stable baselines.

Temperature at your Command

The second major improvement is done through its new heating and cooling system. A new insulated furnace design, combined with modular cooling units, gives the DSC7000X precise temperature control, and a low baseline repeatability of +/- 5 μWatts.

The DSC 7000X is ideal for a variety of applications, including small samples, real-time sample observation, and photochemical reactions as well as general DSC measurements.

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