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Shield Yourself from the Heatwaves with Miron

PE Cross-Linked Foam with enhanced technology from Korea, enables molecules of the foam linked tightly together, creating a stronger foam materials as compared to other foams in the market. Together with the combination of 2 layers of pure aluminium foil, the heat reflectivity is as high as 95%. With this latest technology, the surface temperature of a roof will reduce from the usual temperature of 63°C to around 27°C – 35°C.

Miron, the top-of-the-line cross –linked polyethylene insulator, is one of the featured products of Heat Shield Solution that implements the technology above. Unlike other thermal insulation, Miron enhances the efficiency of heat reflection with 8 micron pure Aluminium Foils on both sides. One side of the Aluminium Foil will firstly reflect heat radiation, and Polyethylene Insulator in the middle will obstruct heat from conduction and convection. Meanwhile, the other side of the Aluminium Foil will help for heat emissivity.

Miron features highest thermal resistance (R-Value) 22 hr.ft2 0f/Btu, 95% heat reflection & 5% heat emissivity, the lowest thermal conductivity (K-Value) 0.025 W/m.K, last long working lifetime, non-toxic, easy to install with all types of structures, high fire retardance and 0% water absorption.

HSS Heat Shield Solution specializes in heat solution for both commercial and residential building. Since 2008, it has been providing range of high quality heat solutions to various industries. Heat Shield Solution offers not only quality assured products, but also installation, technical and after sales services which increase the value of products. To ensure the products meet diverse needs of customers, it customised solutions of the products based on customer’s specifications for wide range of building structure. These characteristics have formed Heat Shield Solution as the market leader in the heat solving industry.

Meet with HSS Heat Shield Solution this coming May, at booth 4F131!

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