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VISCOTAQ®: The Smart Self-Healing Pipe Coating

VISCOTAQ® is a worldwide patented viscous elastic pipeline technology coating that is used for corrosion prevention of pipelines, storage tanks, soil to air transitions, above ground flanges, pipe crossings and in the ditch applications. VISCOTAQ® also offers a unique waterproofing line of products to stop water infiltration at pipe casings, buildings, vaults, storm drains, sewer lines and more. VISCOTAQ® products have been tested extensively by external laboratories, international oil and gas companies as well as in field trials. The VISCOTAQ® products differentiate from any other product by being a synthetic viscous elastic solid, combining excellent adhesion based upon the Van Der Waals bonding principle, while being a solid with no dripping behaviour.

VISCOTAQ® Features and Benefits

• Viscous-elastic amorphous a-polar polyolefin

• Immediate adhesion to substrate without primer

• Remains in pliable and flexible state

• Permanent wetting characteristics

• Wide temperature range up to +100°C/+202°F

• Glass transition temperature <-40 °C/-40 °F)

• Self-healing characteristics

• Eliminates MIC

• No curing time

• Forgiving on surface preparation (minimum commercial wire brush)

• Cohesive Fracture (peel test)

• 100% inert formulation, no solvents, no primers

• Material remains in semi-solid state over entire lifetime

• Virtually impermeable to moisture

• No problems with salts or osmosis

• Extremely low Cathodic disbondment values (0-3mm/0-0,12” to ASTM G8)

• Excellent dripping/sliding resistance due to high yield point

• Weather resistant/UV resistant

• Easy failure-free application


To find out how VISCOTAQ® can keep your pipes in service better than your competitors, visit Innocorr Offshore Sdn Bhd at booth 4A001, in Coatings & Corrosion Asia 2016!

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