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Micro-hardness measurement systems FISCHERSCOPE® HM2000 and PICODENTOR® HM500

The increasingly stringent demands being placed on surface treatment technology has given rise to the need for measuring processes and devices that meet the new requirements. The micro-hardness measuring systems FISCHERSCOPE® HM2000 and PICODENTOR® HM500 succeed where the classic measuring processes reach their limits – it is fast, precise, user-friendly and effective.

The specified test load is built up with high precision. The measurement of the indentation depth is carried out with a resolution in the pico-meter or nano-meter range. The extremely sensitive touch-down of the indenter allows for the exact determination of the zero point. This is significantly below the measurement uncertainty prescribed by the standards (< 1 %). The tip roundness of the indenter is determined using a reference measurement and is taken into account accordingly in the results. The micro-hardness determination is computer controlled, free of any subjective influences, and thus independent of the operator.

In one single measurement, the user obtains information about the hardness of the surface, and the hardness pattern within boundary layers near the surface, the elastic and plastic properties, as well as the creep properties of the material. Additional interesting characteristic qualities of the material, such as the modulus of indentation and the elastic-plastic energy portions can be computed from the recorded measurement plot.

The micro-hardness measurement systems FISCHERSCOPE® HM2000 and PICODENTOR ® HM500 utilize the load/indentation depth method according to ISO 14577-1 for the determination of the hardness, the elasticity or the viscoelastic behaviour of materials including paint and lacquer coatings, polymeric materials, electroplated coatings, hard material coatings (PVD, CVD), anodic coatings on aluminium etc.

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