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FISCHER Measurement Technology, the Solution for Paint & Coatings Thickness Measuring

We all know that paint and coating are important to protect the structures and materials underneath from damage and corrosion. Reliable corrosion protection can only be guaranteed if the coating is thick enough to withstand external influences. FISCHER, as one of the industry leaders comes into play by offering a wide array of professional and high-precision measuring instruments to test the thickness and reliability of such coatings.


Pocket Gauges MP0 and MP0R series is the high precision tools to measure coating thickness on various materials including steel, iron on other metallic substrates. This compact and lightweight instrument is intuitive and ideal for onsite applications, the unit detects changes in its orientation and automatically rotates the graphic display. The MP0R instruments can be connected via USB to PC where measurement data can be conveniently evaluated and documented using the FISCHER DataCenter software.

The FMP series is the hand-held gauge that can be used flexibly for a variety of non-destructive coating thickness measurement tasks. The modular design makes it possible to tailor a measurement system exactly to the intended application.

Supplementing the coating thickness measurement, the instrumented indention test provides a method for characterising the elastic and plastic properties of paint. The microhardness measurement systems of the FISCHERSCOPE HM200 series can quickly and easily measure materials parameters, surface hardness, degree of crosslinking, modulus of elasticity and reflow effect.

FISCHER will be showcasing these high precision measurement technology at Coat & Corrosion Asia 2016. Featuring three main characteristics, FAST, SIMPLE and PRECISE, FISCHER is going to be provide professional solutions to various coating situation.


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